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Short Films

Trailer Picture Book

How the brain works


Wistful Thinking

Moving Storyboard: 
Mud Pies


I Am A Real Knight

I Am A Real Knight is a picture book. This trailer was made especially for that book.


The Workings of the Brain

Brein Animate

The Workings of the Brain is a motion graphic. It explains how emotions play a major part in communication. 

This motion graphic was made for Bloom Communicatie, to support training about communication. 


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Wistful Thinking

wistful thinkig

Wistful Thinking is part of a project about hope. In this short film, we follow a man on his way to the hospital to visit his wife. They attempt to have a baby together, but medical complications get in their way. 
On the way to the hospital, the man is plagued by two phantom children. 


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Moving Storyboard: Mud Pies

Mud pies

A child's fantasy is magical. Mud Pies is about a girl who plays with sand on the beach. 
Baking a mud pie takes on a life of its own in her head.  

This moving storyboard was made in 2019 as part of my propaedeutic year at art academy. It is one of my first introductions to animation. 

movie stills

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