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About Fleur

Fleur Duivenvoorden (2002) is an illustrator and animator from Delft, the Netherlands. In 2023 she received her Bachelor's degree for Illustrated and Animated Storytelling with her picture book 'I Am A Real Knight'. She graduated cum laude. 

Fleur's work is colourful and rich in detail. Her playful, imaginative characters are dynamic and bursting with life. Her passion for illustration is palpable with every mark of the coloured pencil.

Fleur works mostly with traditional media. Some of her favourite materials include ecoline, gouache, inks, and coloured pencils. 

She is inspired by her surroundings. Patterns, shapes and writing she sees in everyday life. Her love for stories originate from fairy tales she read as a child and all the books that still occupy her home.

What can a client expect from me?
During the first meeting, we explore the possibilities: What are your wishes? What are my first ideas about that?
Then follows the concept phase: I make sketches and present them to you. This leads to a choice for the final project and I will get to work with that.

It is important to me that you are happy with our collaboration and that we are both satisfied with the result.

Illustrations should connect to the core of your message and underline what you want to tell in your story.


What do others say about my work?

I had seen beautiful drawings by Fleur. So when a client asked to make a tool for the assistants that they can use during their telephone conversations, I immediately thought of Fleur.

Show by means of a playful illustration what important points of attention are in your conversation.

After a short explanation, Fleur started drawing. Soon there was a first printing. I wanted a few minor adjustments and this was arranged in no time.

Are you looking for a professional illustrator who quickly understands what you mean and who also gets on with it very quickly? Call Fleur! Success guaranteed!

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